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All About Print Making
What is a Graphic Art Print?
What is a Graphic Art Print?
What is an Original Print? What is a Fine Print? Techniques of Graphic Print Making Glossary
The term GRAPHIC is derived from the Greek work "Graphos", which means to write or making marks. Prints, unlike paintings or drawings, generally exist in multiple impressions.

Graphic prints are created by the artist by drawing and developing an imagery not directly on paper but on another hard surface such as wood, metal or stone etc. called a master or matrix, and then, by various techniques, printing that image on the paper.

Such techniques may involve the use of one or another kind of equipment and ink, and the image is transferred on to the paper by pressing it on the inked surface of the matrix.

This process can be repeated to make multiple prints that appear alike. The artist is involved while printing until the printed image is satisfactory and approved.

Multiple impressions are then printed in the edition decided by the artist.

Each print is then numbered and signed by the artist.

After printing the proofs and the editions, the master image (matrix) is defaced or scratched so that it cannot be reused for making more prints.

Artist all over the world have been using several techniques of graphic print making as a medium that suits their sensitivity and personal expression.

Such print medium enables an artist to make multiple impressions of his or her work that can be owned and enjoyed by many more people.
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