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All About Print Making
What is an Original Print?
What is a Graphic Art Print?
What is an Original Print?
What is a Fine Print? Techniques of Graphic Print Making Glossary
An original print is a work of art on paper, which has been conceived by the artist to be created as a print, at the time of drawing the imagery.

All Graphic Prints are Original Prints if it satisfies the definition and guidelines of Original Prints.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an Original Print as “A print made directly from a master image on
wood, stone, metal etc. Which is executed by the artist himself, printed by him under his supervision and in
recent times, usually signed by him".

The definition of an ORIGINAL PRINT was agreed at the International Congress of Artists at Vienna in 1960, and subsequently modified by the United Kingdom National Committee of I. A. A.

Accordingly following guidelines determines an Original Print

The artist alone has made the imagery on the matrix.
The artist himself/herself has done or supervised the printing.
The artist has approved the finished print.
The serial number and the edition number are mentioned in pencil usually on the left hand corner.
The print technique is mentioned in pencil next to the edition number.
The artist has signed in pencil along with the year of printing usually in right hand side corner.
The matrix is cancelled or defaced upon completion of the desired edition.

It is not a photomechanical reproduction of an artwork, and was not conceived by the artist to be created as a print at the time of drawing the imagery.

One should not get confused between an ORIGINAL GRAPHIC PRINT made within the above- mentioned framework and mass-produced photomechanical reproductions.

Each process of making a master image and each technique of printing creates technical challenges and offer aesthetic rewards to print makers and viewers.
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