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About Us
About Our Logo

A thumb impression and handwritten script are the two visual elements of our logo.

A thumb impression was visualised to project and symbolise printing, since the thumb impression is the oldest form of intaglio printing, and is still used even today. Instead of depicting the pattern of thumb impression by lines, we depicted the lines and swirls by text/script. This text contains names of various types of graphic prints by their technique. For example: Etching, Lithograph and Serigraph.

Since the artist creates an intaglio print by engraving the imagery on the matrix by his own hand, it was decided that a hand script rather than a regular font would create the words 'art intaglio'.

Integration of the two elements was the most critical aspect of the logo. The script is superimposed on the thumbprint in different ways for different applications. The colour scheme ensures that the various printmaking techniques names appear like a watermark and do not distract from the script.

The logo was crafted by master calligrapher Achyut Palav, whose works we're proud to feature for sale on this site.

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